Thursday, 1 October 2020

Progress Thursday 1st October 2020

Dear all,

Today we had a large parcel delivered in the form of mainline certified Pannier locomotive 9466, from the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway. The locomotive was immediately moved to the pit for the Fitness to Run examination to begin and was also taken to the water column to have the tanks filled. It is in great condition! It is scheduled to enter service on our Bounce Back trains from 27th October and you can book your private compartment at

Moving to the pit required a good amount of shunting about which was also done to fit around the PW team who have been attending to an issue outside the steam shed so that fits quite well.

Progress has been good on the new staff shower room which is nearing completion. All of the walls and ceiling have been clad and the shower, heating and hot water heater is already on the wall. The plan is to tile the floor tomorrow before installing the shower tray and toilet itself next week.