Sunday, 23 August 2020

Progress Sunday 23rd August 2020

Dear all,

Another day, another fully booked timetable! Most pleasing. Today's trains were handled by Class 14 D9537 and had on board Luxury Ploughman's Lunches and passengers enjoying picnic boxes, as well as regular riders. It was the first time the picnic boxes have been done and seemed to go down quite well. The tortillas etc were prepared on site so all nice and fresh. Thank you to today's team who cleaned and sanitised the train as well as distributed the picnic boxes to their compartment before boarding the passengers, all with efficiency and a smile (behind the face mask).

Down the yard, work continued on EVRA's SK corridor end rebuild and the preparations for returning the Class 31 to service. A cracked oil pipe on the engine has been discovered on the latter so that required repair/replacement. A broken air tap on one of the Class 08s was also replaced.