Sunday, 1 March 2020

Progress Sunday 1st March 2020

Dear all,

1st March already! Doesn't seem 5 minutes since new year and here were are in theory entering spring... To be fair it was a sunny day but a tad chilly. The trains had modest passenger numbers but it is still early season. Thank you to the train crew and supporting activities.

The main thrust down the yard over the last three days in rain, sleet, snow, wind and all sorts has been the reconstruction of Class 14 D9537 which has had the rods off for new bushes and the exhausters out for overhaul. The rods were rehung yesterday and the exhausters installed. Installing the exhausters involves removing all sorts of parts, mainly from the cooling system, so these had to be put back together too. Happily today they managed to get the loco to awaken from the winter slumber. An exam will follow now ahead of a return to service at the Diesel Gala in April.