Thursday, 23 January 2020

Progress Thursday 23rd January 2020

Dear all,

A damp and miserable day saw the PW team get a rare chance to trip back to Shottle to assist the S&T department with their preparations for laying the concrete base for the gantry signal which will be cited south side of the bridge on the approach to the loop. That'll be an exciting step forward when that goes up!

Down the yard, worked continued on the brake cylinder and running gear overhauls for the LMS BTO before it enters service and the Class 119 received an oil change.

The toilets are progressing well with both the cold and hot water systems all finished and working. We even have flushing urinals! This afternoon time was spent ordering up all the materials to construct the cubicles. I've learnt more about cubicle legs today than I have in my entire life!