Thursday, 26 September 2019

Progress Thursday 26th September 2019

Dear all,

The final Thursday of the season has passed and it was boosted by a couple of parties, one of which had afternoon tea in the Station Cafe. The EVRA team were seen transporting many boxes of books from the old Portacabin shop into the new building preparation for the opening soon.

The PW gang were busy tidying and sorting after the activities of the university students last weekend and some further work was carried out on the Derby Lightweight. To be honest there weren't many people on site down there yard.

We did host a testing customer who worked on the incline.


Thursday, 12 September 2019

Progress Thursday 12th September 2019

Dear all,

A pleasant mild day which saw reasonable passenger numbers for a back-end Thursday come along for a bumble through the valley on Iris, exactly like yesterday's group who chartered her did.

Back at Wirksworth, some of the obligatory shunting took place along with further work on Met-Camm car 50253 which is still in the sky having work on various underframe components undertaken as well as a more general exam ahead of the Santa season.

Work on the new building continued with further fitting out of the museum area. The electrician was working in the toilet block with the extractor units being fitted yesterday and the lights today. I don't think they're wired in yet as cutting the holes in the ceiling for the lighting units, which sit flush, is a time consuming job.

The S&T department continued working on the signal box at Shottle.

Other news this week, and I'm sure they won't mind me sharing this nugget of information being as it was on their Facebook page the other day, is that the former R&R Motors garage at Wirksworth Station has a new tenant! We have reached agreement for the LMS 10000 new build project to rent the garage as a workshop for overhauling various components destined eventually for their locomotive. Their initial plan is to spruce up the building so if you notice it getting a lick of paint etc go and say hi!


Thursday, 5 September 2019

Progress Thursday 5th September 2019

Dear all,

A moderate day on the trains with Iris back out handling the services. It was well loaded on the first train, especially.

We welcomed a reengineered on track plant machine which came all the way from Scotland at no more than 30mph. It was an L reg! I bet they're glad it passed the certification process.

Down the yard, DMU car 50253 which is still up on the jacks had the repaired fuel tank reconnected and a loose injector pump drive rebuilt. Very handy working at normal height rather than in the pit.

The PW gang have been surveying for another new siding in Wirksworth Yard which will be started with the assistance of Birmingham University in a few weeks time.

Work continued on the new station building which is hurling ever closer to being open.