Friday, 19 July 2019

Progress Wednesday to Friday 19th July 2019

Dear all,

It has been a generally busy week with plenty of customers and also projects on the go.

Wednesday we saw the arrival of another first in the form of a withdrawn London Underground D78 stock car belonging to a test customer which has been fitted with some experimental running gear. This medium-term project should be quite interesting.

We have been thin on the ground with volunteers as many attended the funerals of Vince Morris on Wednesday and Andrew Ormond on Thursday.

In between though, some work has been carried out on the geometry of the new siding in Wirksworth Yard and the somewhat obligatory shunting which takes place each week to keep vehicles where they need to be for the coming days. Iris has been having an exam inbetween all this, which is nearly complete.

We took delivery of some concrete sleepers late yesterday to further advance the PW projects.

Today was the first day of Friday steam operations of the summer and, despite the heavy rain, it was quite busy. The first train was particularly well loaded, with the on board bar running out of hot water early on.