Friday, 28 June 2019

Progress Friday 28th June 2019

Dear all,

Eerily quiet this morning on what turned out to be a beautiful day. Only John and I were on site first thing, with John continuing with the painting of the new toilet block.

Things did begin to wake up around lunch time with LMSCA Nick arriving. The BTO coach is in the Maintenance Facility at the moment having had the bodyside completely stripped of paint and old filler ready for repairs and painting. I believe undercoat is the aim to begin with whilst the interior is finished off, before a final paint takes place.

We welcomed a brand new test vehicle which has been shipped directly from Germany. Despite an entertaining way of unloading with a language barrier, the driver did understand the word "beer" when an arrow was drawn on a map.

As I handed over late on, the crews were arriving for the first of three Friday VIP evening dining trains featuring a three course meal. This is kind of a first as, despite doing dining trains in the past, these are the first to feature hot food. I hope it goes well this evening.