Thursday, 30 May 2019

Progress Thursday 30th May 2019

Dear all,

Half term Thursday service was well patronised today with there barely being a seat on the first train from Duffield on the two car 101 DMU. It was great to see and there were many happy families and wannabe train drivers. Driver Chuck was most touched as one little lad used his pocket money to buy him a gift of a drivers pin badge out of the shop without his parents knowing.

Some preparation took place down the yard for the weekend including cleaning down the A Class and positioning vehicles.

Work continued inside the new station building as the internal fit out grows closer.

The Permanent Way team are enjoying a small holiday from their usual Shottle base by working at Wirksworth for a couple of weeks. They are installing the turnout which was constructed by the University students way back in September. So far so good. The turnout will eventually allow for some much needed additional siding space.