Thursday, 2 May 2019

Progress Thursday 2nd May 2019

Dear all,

Can't believe it is May already! Today the PW team were just north of Shottle continuing with the unenviable task of drainage whilst the S&T crew were continuing with signalbox refurbishment; hopefully on the inside due to the weather.

This morning we took delivery of 4 brand new coach and DMU lifting jacks from France which have taken around 5 months to manufacture. They have been very kindly sponsored by our coach and DMU owners and owning groups as they are not a cheap item. The manufacturer have yet to come and install, commission and train staff but it is a real step forward. Previous lifts have involved expensive specialist cranes.

The Maintenance Team continued to wash the body sides of the Mark 1 rake after unloading the jacks.

The Station Building is looking very nice and I attach a picture of latest progress.

Today we have launched two new products. Bookings are now being taken for our Friday VIP Diners in the summer where a three course meal is served on board the train. Numbers are limited over three evenings for these and tickets can be purchased at . The other being annual passes, something which we have been asked about for a while but haven't had the systems to do it. If you're a regular it is an option and can be purchased at