Thursday, 28 February 2019

Progress Thursday 28th February 2019

Dear all,

Quite a few pockets of activity around today for the final day of February.

The Maintenance Team were split into two teams. One performed a shunt first thing to position the BSK(K) into Platform 1 for the laying of flooring soon, before proceeding to given attention to sticking doors on W55006. Most of these have been remedied apart from a couple. The other team worked on rebuilding the corridor connection and reinstating the exhaust stacks on E53599.

The PW team were around the Cattle Creep changing a cracked fish plate for a new one which has had to be specially fabricated by the supplier.

The building is progressing at Wirksworth with the roof almost totally insulted and the doors now installed. Work has also begun on the interior.

A duo dismantled the marquee that has been on Platform 1 since May. It is looking a bit bedraggled now! Taking it down is easy, transporting it to the store is hard work.

A delegation from the Northants Class 31 Group came to continue nursing 31206 back to health. They were hotly followed by a man in a van who came to provide an initial assessment. Apparently it is indeed possible to grind the crank in situ. Thereafter they turned their attention to checking over 31601.