Sunday, 24 February 2019

Progress 24th Feb 2019

Evening All,

Well as the Monkees once sang it has been "just another pleasant valley Sunday". I'm always hesitant to mention the weather as it's a bit of a clich√©. However, it has been unseasonably warm. Volunteers and visitors alike took the opportunity of the good weather to lunch alfresco.

A steady stream of passengers gave the railway a real 1950s branch line feel. A lit red paraffin tail lamp also adding to the ambiance. 

We welcomed Roy and Les Smithurst, at one time much mentioned in these auspicious annals. Especially in the area of platform building. These days taking things a little more easily but still very much full of life.

In the yard Joe made further in roads into 55006's return to traffic. It says here that many nuts were tightened.The vehicle was also given a deep clean. Eventually making it onto the last trip to Duffield.

Elsewhere the examination 33 103 continued including (but not limited to) inspection of traction motors and generator brushes.

The peace of the afternoon tea break was only broken by sounds of rock band Queen on the radio. Together with sightings of a low flying hot air balloon.

Thanks to all.

John Stokes