Thursday, 24 January 2019

Progress Thursday 24th January 2019

Dear all,

Another chilly start to the day saw the PW team travelling by Land Rover today rather than works train to their possession. It was lighter duties today after doing 11 sleepers in frozen conditions yesterday. A small S&T team performed ground frame maintenance at Wirksworth, including adjusting the FPL on the Wash Green frame to make it easier to operate.

The maintenance team worked on putting a temporary ceiling under the toilet tank in 59303. The tank is leaking but the vehicle is needed in service soon soon so it will be attended to at a later date.

Look out for our brand new online shop coming soon! We'll have a special launch promotion which we will share with you here for purchases made online in February to celebrate.

I attach a couple of photographs forwarded to me of Carthryn's boiler down at the repair shop.