Thursday, 17 January 2019

Progress Thursday 17th January 2019

Dear all,

Can't believe we're over half way through January already, Christmas seems like ancient history!

It was the first day of really cold weather this winter but it didn't deter progress on a number of fronts. Most of it was down the line, with the PW team changing 6 sleepers in the Hazelwood vicinity as well as dealing with some accumulated brash. 

The Shottle signalbox project is coming on leaps and bounds with the 4 steel legs for the box being installed today ready to eventually receive the box. 

EVRAs SK returned from the Foxfield Railway today after spending the Christmas season on loan there. It is amazing to think that it wasn't in the too distant past that we didn't have any operational coaches so to loan one out and help another railway for a short time is great!

The Commercial Department were in full flow too working on new projects. More soon.