Sunday, 27 January 2019

Progress Saturday 26th Jan 2019

Dear All,

Well here I am for a second Saturday in a row as Responsible Officer. I must be doing something right?

It has been a day dominated by fabrication and painting by various groups. It was also good to see Mr Nesbitt back in Wirksworth after a recent illness.

In the shed area Fraday had its electrical box undercoated. Not far from there the 8f group were making more hoops for the Duke's boiler cladding. I've learnt today that these items are called crinolines. Another of their number was engaged in turning safely valve parts.

The DMU group continued with panelling in 53599. The Lightweight contingent pressed on with the fabrication of the air and axel panel. Including experimentation with incandescent and LED lighting. 

A start was made on a B4 exam on 33 103. Pictured here is the engine room with the engine rocker covers removed. 

Meanwhile at the other end of the yard an artistic moment was being had in BSK M34625. Several parts in the guards area were painted.

Across from there the LMSCA continued building the BTK interior.

All good progress. Thanks to all.

John Stokes.

PS. We so far have 4 buses attending the Bus Rally (30th June). If you have a bus or know of someone who might be interested. The entry form can be found here.