Saturday, 12 January 2019

Progress Saturday 12th January 2019

Dear all,

Another January day which saw small pockets of activity at Wirksworth. The Class 108 which has received corridor end repairs had the draw hook prepared for refitting and nearby, the earlier version (the original Derby Lightweight) had further interior work take place.

A group came to fettle the Class 14 with a good check over and short test run completed. A small power fault was thrown up so it was useful as it enabled that to get sorted out. Interestingly, the Class 14 being sold to industry by BR was what prematurely ended the production of the Rolls-Royce Steelman (like "LJ Breeze") as it was cheaper for private industry to buy these secondhand locos rather than buying new. The 14 is fitted with a Paxman engine although they did experiment with the Rolls-Royce DV8 (same engine as "LJ Breeze") in one example, this loco being preserved. The gearing in a Class 14 is useful in preservation as it enables them to comfortably handle passenger trains.