Sunday, 4 November 2018

Progress Report Saturday 3rd November 2018

A first for our railway today with a mixed traction hauled service. Due to planned,  essential track maintenance taking place on the line between Duffield and Shottle today we embarked on our November steam hauled service to Shottle. Today's train consisted of three steam heated mark one coaches with  'Henry Ellison'  and D9537 Class 14 'Eric' toping and tailing. This configuration proved a wonderful photo opportunity for our visitors today. It was also pleasing to see 08 'G.R. Walker' in operation too shunting the stock onto platform two so Henry Ellison could couple up early to provide warm coaches for our visitors. Steam and Diesel in perfect harmony!

Down the yard the DMU team continued their work on 53599 and the 8F group held their annual meeting in the town. Today's service was supported by the Wirksworth booking hall staff, EVRA shop, Miniature Railway and Station Cafe. 

A good start to November.

All the best, Tom