Saturday, 13 October 2018

Progress Saturday 13th October 2018

Dear all,

A strange sort of day for the first day of the Model Railway Exhibition Weekend which is back in the calendar again after a year off last year. It was very mild, shirt sleeve temperature, but very windy as well.

I'm not sure how busy the exhibition was but judging by our car park it must have been reasonable.

All was going well for most of the day, with the Station Café being busy and the incline hosting two one hour driving tasters. However, the 15:05 ex-DD ran in to trouble when it discovered a large tree blocking the line near 49 Steps. It hadn't been there on the up journey and now the train was stuck on the south side of the blockage. It was time to bring our training in to action! Quick organisation and some phone calls meant we were able to scramble another DMU from Wirksworth and move the passengers from one side of the blockage to the other to get them back. Fortunately, Mick and Mick were available at short notice to come in from home with their chainsaws to remove the tree. It was one of the largest I have seen over the line!

Thankfully all this was cleared up in time for a very successful Jazz and Chips evening special with around 125 passengers enjoying the trip.