Thursday, 13 September 2018

Progress Thursday 13th September 2018

Dear all,

A reasonable day today for a back-end Thursday with plenty of people using intermediate stations too. 

There was plenty of activity in the yard as the Komatsu the faulty alternator removed for repair and further preparation work took place for the installation of the new point in the yard next weekend. 

First thing the DMU formations were altered slightly to reinsert the centre car in preparation for Derbyshire Day on the 23rd. The coaching stock was shuffled around to remove the two coaches primarily used for dining as on train catering has finished now for this season. The spare SK was added to the rake as there are a further three scheduled loco hauled days remaining this season.

At the end of the day, we waved goodbye to the black Ruston shunter 11520 which was one of the first locomotives on site but has been out of service some while. It has moved on to the Heritage Shunters Trust.