Thursday, 9 August 2018

Progress Thursday 9th August 2018

Dear all,

It is really difficult to predict the loadings at the moment but I am pleased to say it was really good today. It was boosted by three pre-booked parties but there were plenty of other happy people too, supported by the buffet and Miniature Railway.

There was much gala preparation going on in the yard, with the entire rake of Mark 1 coaches being completely shuffled round into a new order. It doesn't sound much but it takes all day! This was partly to facilitate the introduction of BSK 35006 which is looking most pleasant. It has had a conversion to create a nice wheelchair friendly area with a comfortable Mark 1 cushioned seat for family members too.

Also for the gala, the final locomotive of the line up, 31206 was confirmed which takes it up to the anticipated six locomotives. The biggest and most complicated event we have undertaken!

The Jinty was being warmed through as I left, ready for service tomorrow.