Friday, 24 August 2018

Progress Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th August 2018

Dear all,

There must be a bank holiday weekend coming up, it is raining! Yesterday's DMU service ran well with the addition of a coach party enjoying a ride and afternoon tea in the Station Cafe too. It was quite a strange day with the first and last trains being busy but the middle one being very quiet. It was happily busy enough though for a DMU day with the 3 car handling the service. The coaching stock was rearranged in the meantime to prepare for the weekend, which actually takes a lot longer than you would imagine.

Today was the final Friday steam service of the season and I am actually quite sad. They have been very busy indeed! Today was the busiest of the four days which surprised us slightly being the day before a Bank Holiday Weekend and the fact it was also raining on and off! The Jinty seemed to run well too. It has 3 more days to do with us and then it will be off back home to the GCR. 

Down the yard today, work continued on stripping down the rear of Class 108 53599 which is undergoing metalwork repairs to the body end and corridor connection.