Sunday, 19 August 2018

Progress Saturday 18th August 2018

Dear all,

Today followed on from the end of the Diesel Gala last weekend, with a running weekend for a particular locomotive. This was based on the success of the same idea as last year where there was a running weekend for the visiting Class 26. This year there wasn't a visiting locomotive for the event because there were plenty of locomotives making their debut anyway. One of these locomotives was Class 31 31601, which had been resurrected after being withdrawn from the main line last year. It therefore seemed appropriate to run this locomotive for the enthusiasts for an additional weekend. Happily it was a busy day with plenty of enthusiasts visiting.

It wasn't just enthusiasts though, there were quite a few happy families as well as two prebooked parties for on train Afternoon Tea. In addition there was a coach party from Warwickshire to top it off. The incline steam also added an extra area of interest for visitors, along with the miniature railway.

In the engineerium, work continued on The Duke and also on the Bubble Car vacuum fault. TSO 4440 received further bodywork welding.

Trains continued into the evening. We were asked by the enthusiast community if we would be able to run an additional train with 08605 because there was a clashing event in Belgium last Saturday when it operated for the first time. We obliged not really knowing who would come. Happily it wasn't too quiet as can be seen in the photo!