Sunday, 22 July 2018

Progress Saturday 21st July 2018

Dear all,

Another lovely summers day which featured the WyvernRail AGM. Unfortunately, visitors weren't able to sample steam services though due to a problem with the locomotive whilst it was being prepared in the morning, which meant that 31206 did the honours. People still seemed to enjoy their trip but hopefully the Jinty will be repaired soon.

Down the yard, there was quite alot happening on the loco fleet as the Diesel Gala approaches. The Class 73 received more fettling including proper testing of the exhausters and also testing of the multiple working with the Class 33, which does work! It was great to see them as a pair moving up and down and it was quite amusing to talk through the loudaphone to the other loco.

Class 08 605 was receiving routing maintenance of the rods and axle boxes including new pads and general lubrication. This enabled a loaded test run to be carried out in the evening which was successful.

31 601 had further work too, including work to the entry step boards.