Friday, 15 June 2018

Progress Friday 15th June 2018

Dear all,

A day of multitasking today as we hosted a Silver Drive a Diesel Experience and a private DMU charter weaved in between. The experience participant enjoyed Iris all to hisself (and the instructor and guard of course) this morning, before arriving back at Wirksworth for lunch. Whilst he was having lunch, a separate crew set off to Duffield in Iris to pick up a private party. After lunch, the experience participant enjoyed 31206. Whilst he was out and about on the line the charter people enjoyed lunch in the café before taking a long tour round the yard and sheds and a ride to Ravenstor. When the experience finished at around 16:00, the charter went back to Duffield on Iris to go home. Followed that?

Down the yard, the Class 108 exam continued with oil changes being the aim of the game. Jon also sanded down the maroon on the south end of the platform shelter to give that a lick of paint. That end is always in the sun and it had started to flake off.