Saturday, 19 May 2018

Progress Saturday 19th May 2018

Dear all,

In stark contrast to the freezing temperatures and snow we had at our last gala, today was a beautifully sunny and warm day. Multiple Memories is a firm favourite in the calendar as we operate our fleet of first generation railcars in many interesting and unusual combinations for the enthusiasts. This year we have hired in the rather quirky and fun Waggon und Maschinenbau railbus E79960, on long term loan to the Ribble Railway but owned by the North Norfolk Railway. Despite a few hiccups late last night and early this morning which were ably dealt with by the team, the vehicle operated all day for the delight of our visitors. It isn't the most capacious of vehicles and it was certainly rammed all day. It is a rather unusual unit, totally different from all of our others as it features air brakes, disc brakes, a Busseng engine, 6 speed gearbox and you drive it with your feet like a road vehicle!

There were 10 departures from Wirksworth today starting at 09:15 and finishing with the evening run on the railbus at 19:15. The journey back watching the sunset through the panoramic windows was magnificent.

A slightly different timetable again tomorrow which sees further combinations of DMUs for you to enjoy!

Thanks to everybody involved in putting on the event today.

No doubt there will be many photos surface of today but I'll drop in here one from Ben of the railbus waiting to go on this evening's special next to the Derby Lightweight power car which is under restoration.