Monday, 26 March 2018

Progress Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March 2018

Dear all,

What a contrast a week makes! Last weekend during the main event we were literally freezing and poddling around in snow and this week we had decent temperatures and warm sunshine! This weekend was a running weekend for the visiting Warship-class diesel locomotive "Onslaught". This locomotive really has proved a hit with enthusiasts as they came in their hundreds to have a ride. Many even enjoyed the unusual experience of travelling on the brake van veranda right behind the locomotive as it powered up the hill. We are very grateful to the East Lancashire Railway's Bury Hydraulic Group for the loan of the locomotive.

On Saturday evening, we added an extra train to the timetable as enthusiasts had asked us to operate a return trip with the Class 08 which initially came for the gala. It seems the locomotive might be with us for a while longer and so they had asked if we would consider letting them ride behind it. We were all too happy to oblige! With it being a slow locomotive and also due to current crewing for it, our only option was to do it in the dark but it didn't seem to matter.

Down the yard, work continued on the various projects, including the bodywork on Faraday on Sunday, which had mostly cleaning and painting as the restoration progresses.