Sunday, 17 December 2017

Progress Sunday 17th December 2017

Dear all,

A damp and wet day but it didn't alter the spirits as we tackled four Santa trains today. There was originally only supposed to be three trains today like on other days but we had to add an extra one due to last Sunday being postponed due to the snow. Four Santa trains really does take it's toll on the volunteers and I would like to thank them for sticking with it and battling through. I would actually liken the train turnaround to that you would find at an airport - train in, passengers off, sweet through and present sought, change platform and boarding begins, all in about 15 minutes sometimes.

There were some engineeringy type people down the shed, including the Faraday team, the BSK(K) team and the 33 Van Gough. Unfortunately, being tied to the Booking Office desk most of the day, I didn't get chance to pop down and see what they were upto.