Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Progress Tuesday 14th November 2017

Hi all

Once again the service train saw good numbers with 55006 covering the three train service. The change in temperature certainly helped being in double figures today
Work commenced on A exams on Both the Met Camm centre car and 50170 completing the trio for the Santa Train. We expect a great deal from these 60 year old vehicles which run non stop on the Santa trains from early morning until dusk for nine days !!
I visited the Maintenance Facility with the electrician to arrange for more overhead lighting in the old part and saw many bodies around Cathryn all doing different tasks far too complicated for me to understand but it is certainly moving forward
The PWay team once again changed more sleepers between Shottle and Hazlewood and Amey were checking two of our river bridges
All the seats from EVRA's TSO were collected for transportation to a firm in Derby for recovering

All for now