Friday, 10 November 2017

Progress Thursday 9th and Friday 10th November 2017

Dear all,

It is quiet now being November with not so many volunteers being on site at Wirksworth.

Yesterday though, the exam on 50253 was completed and this car is now ready for Santa service after it has had an interior clean. The rest of the set will follow on the exam line next week although the exams for these cars are smaller. Work has been continuing quietly in the shed on both the EVRA CK coach which is now nearing completion and will look a lovely coach when it runs next season, as well as the BSK(K). Also continuing quietly in the background, in fact at an off-site location, one of the Derby Lightweight's AEC 220 engines is having a strip down and rebuild ready to be refitted.

Today we hosted a small team from Network Rail who were on a team building day. They split into two teams with one cleaning the inside of the rest of the Santa train and the other tripping down the line to do some vegetation clearance in the vicinity of Shottle. This will be most useful for the upcoming photo charter with the Class 31 in a few weeks time.