Thursday, 2 November 2017

Progress Thursday 2nd November 2017

Dear all,

Quite a mad house for a random day in November with no trains running. We welcomed a MyTestTrack customer who had a RRV with trailers and weights to do some 1530 testing. It was a small but nifty machine.

Down the yard, the B exam on 50253 was completed and work continued on the metal work on newly arrived coach 4440. 

The Station Building project moved forward with the deconstruction of the EVRA shop ramp and emptying of the Information Room. The builders fencing was then erected for work to start shortly - maybe tomorrow! Attached is a photo of the view, one which has been commonplace at Wirksworth Station for a while but is soon to be extinct. 

It has actually been quite handy having a contractor on site because a water leak had developed in the old 1860's pipe which feeds the station along the driveway but the contractor dug it up, found the offending crack and repaired it quickly saving loss of expensive metered water.