Thursday, 16 November 2017

Progress Thursday 16th November 2017

Dear all,

Much more hip and happening at Wirksworth today with quite a good turn out for the new S&T gang who are constructing the signalling equipment for Shottle. Remember we didn't inherit anything really so everything is either having to be sourced or fabricated from scratch. The signals will eventually be operated from the former Oddingley box.

The Maintenance Team were able to split in two today with one successfully fitting and testing a 'new' heater to 50253, completing that vehicle with a most important component for the Santa Season. The other team continued with work identified on 50170, changing a radiator fan.

Derek and Dan continued with the bodyside work on the BSK(K).

David Newby came to the rescue with a sudden issue that manifested itself in the Gents. Some toilets filled, some didn't! Fortunately he was flushed with success and all is good again for Saturday's trains. Oh the fun we get up to!