Sunday, 12 November 2017

Progress Sunday 12th November 2017

Dear all,

With no scheduled passenger trains on Sundays in November, attention really does turn to the Maintenance Facility and the various projects going on down there. I would imagine that they're already praising the roller shutter doors that were fitted this year as the temperature today really was low. Whilst the inside isn't heated, they will do a good job of keeping the wind out.

There was one group working outside though and for that I am sure they're grateful that it was sunny. The structural framework on TSO 4440 is being renewed gradually with a view to getting the coach water tight, although this is some way off.

Team Faraday were in full swing inside though with the bearing being refitted and the locomotive being lowered down. The locomotive had obviously ran a hot box at some time in the dim and distant past and this has had to have new white metal. The other end of the loco will now be lifted up to remove and clean out the axle boxes there because the oil ways from the lubrication system seem to be blocked which will prevent proper lubrication in service and create problems further down the line. It shouldn't take so long to rectify this though.

The BSK(K) which is also receiving structural repairs now has the new body side sheeting fitted and excellent it looks too.

Across the in the old part of the facility, work continued on the repaint of 33103 "Swordfish" with the old paint being sanded down. So far, the body work is in better condition than expected.

Henry Ellison was steamed up today too for testing purposes and I suspect they were the warmest on the railway!