Saturday, 7 October 2017

Progress Saturday 7th October 2017

Dear all,

You could for forgiven for thinking that on a somewhat overcast and chilly early October day activity around our enterprise would be equally subdued but nothing could be further from the truth, I counted in excess of 20 volunteers at our northern terminus alone all busy with a wide range of activities, where to start..?

Early doors Aubrey was starting a repair on the water pump used to keep the water out of the inspection pit outside the ever expanding Enginerium, a combination of rain and surface water means this fills quite quickly meaning it is useless without the pump working. You can imagine how inviting a prospect this task is but by the end of the day the pit was indeed free of its volume of water, another behind the scenes but no less essential task successfully completed.

The inside the Enginerium (pictured attached) continues to be enhanced massively and is really turning into a very impressive and capable facility for us. Ben was working on what can really only be described as the re-engineering of the Derby Light Weight power car as its air and electrical systems are replaced to make it compatible with the rest of our fleet. In another corner Faraday, now supported by its appreciation group certainly appreciates the replacement of major bearings, compressors, panels and many other aspects of this vehicle that will in the fullness of time return it to full service. Finally Derek and others were working on several of our carriages around the site which again will enhance our fleet of coaching stock for the future.

So that was it right.?...wrong..

Passenger services were today staffed by John, Julie, Pat, Howard and Kyle and of course not to forget Iris (picture attached). It is indeed fortunate we had full train crew because as they left Duffield just after 11am nearly 40 guests were on board to enjoy the trip up the Ecclesborne valley and significant passenger numbers carried on for the rest of the day. One party on this service were gathered for a significant birthday and the birthday girl was taking on a yard tour by Phil later in the afternoon which was clearly well received.

The catering team were busy all day and catered for a pre-booked afternoon tea alongside the usual business of the day, Frank had a busy day in the gift shop and Andy and Nick ensured our guests were looked after at our northern and southern booking offices.

As I returned home crowds were gathering in Matlock Bath for this evening hallucinations, you will remember this event from previous years, its the one involving those traffic wardens trained by special forces. They were indeed observed outside the Pavilion limbering up and counting flash bangs, the brief traffic delay gave me opportunity to reflect on the large number people who contribute their time to ensuring our railway runs so smoothly and continues to grow day by day.

My thanks to everyone who contributed to another very successful day