Friday, 6 October 2017

Progress Friday 6th October 2017

Dear all,

Today we hosted two charters. The first was for East Midlands Trains and the Community Rail Awards Group who enjoyed a ride from Duffield to Wirksworth and back again. This was helped by expertly swift catering in the Pullman with sandwich grab bags made up and the team being quick with the hot drinks flasks. They only had 20 minutes at Wirksworth before their return!

Then, this afternoon we hosted another charter which enjoyed tea and biscuits in the Pullman before a return journey to Ravenstor and a single to Duffield with onward mainline travel.

Down the yard, the team fitted a reconstructed Leyland 680 engine to the PW Bubble. The engine has had quite a lot of work done to it over recent weeks which culminated in a successful start up on a pallet yesterday. The engine is now hung up and awaits piping up and the wiring doing.

Further work was done on the new Station Building project at Wirksworth, with these giant concrete 'Lego' bricks being lifted in to place and lorries arriving with backfill. It is hard to imagine the model railway container and weighbridge ever being there now.

Stuart the Foreman continued his quest to repair the wooden window frames of the Managerial Office/Ladies building.