Friday, 13 October 2017

Progress Friday 13th October 2017

Dear all,

The dreaded Friday 13th seems to have passed without a hitch, in fact, it has been reasonable.

The main area of work today was on the PW Bubble car with the other engine being fitted to the vehicle. This engine was successfully run up on a pallet earlier this week but did require a few tweaks to leaking pipework before fitting. Anyway, it has been happily fitted this week so the vehicle now has both engines in situ. There's still quite a bit of work to do before the vehicle will actually move, not least with the electrics and bogie swap.

The Commercial Department saw strong Santa sales today, with one of the trains on Christmas Eve already showing a 'Yellow' on the website, meaning that it is nearly full. I think this might be the earliest a 'Yellow' has come up.

Down in the deep south, a start was made on refreshing the paintwork on the station benches. They can do this in their cabin in the dry.

As the day was getting late, Team Faraday arrived to do some evening bodywork in the shed on the locomotive.