Friday, 8 September 2017

Progress Thursday 8th and Friday 9th September 2017

Dear all,

Slightly less manic than of late but with passenger numbers still being of a reasonable level for the Thursday service, especially in the morning before the weather deteriorated.

Down the yard, the Maintenance Team virtually completed the exam on the Bubble Car.

Today we hosted a Bronze Drive a Diesel Experience. The participants loved it! They used the Royal 2 Car DMU this morning to give that it's first trip down the line since May and then the Class 31 in the afternoon. They used the time on the 31 to shunt out two Rudd-type wagons and a tool van from Shottle sidings and trip them up to Wirksworth for a job which is coming up.

The Station Team cleared out lots of stuff from the north weighbridge with mostly PW bits left now. They discovered a panel heater behind a draw unit which was on and had probably been on since Noah was a lad!