Friday, 29 September 2017

Progress Friday 29th September

Dear all,

I can't believe it is nearly the end of the month already! Today we hosted a Bronze Drive a Diesel Railcar experience which was enjoyed by both participants. One of them was from the USA! In fact, speaking of the USA, another chap who is British but moved to America some years ago was on holiday here and had put a request in to photograph The Duke. We obliged although of course there is only the frames to see really.

The Commercial Dept spend the day getting over the stresses of the website going down yesterday morning. It seems some software had been updated on the server (not by us) which caused errors on the site. We were able to get most of the site back fairly quickly but it took much longer to sort out the Online Ticket Office. Happily we think it is mostly resolved now and I am grateful to Robin for his remote technical support from Stockport (or somewhere like that). This 'little' issue took around 8 hours of his time to sort out!

I guess the biggest news of today is the demise of the former north weighbridge. Built in the 1960s to weigh the stone wagons before they went off out of the yard, it started life with us as a workshop but has more recently fell out of use and with the weighing equipment long gone, became a store. It was in a deteriorating condition and it needed to be demolished to make way for the eventual new station building. I was expecting it to put up quite a fight as we have tried drilling the bricks before and found it very tough, however, one smack to the concrete roof and it collapsed in just a second! I suppose on one hand it is a bit of the railway's history confined to the scrap bin but on the other hand it has already vastly improved this area and will make way for something much bigger and better. Before and after photos attached.