Thursday, 13 July 2017

Progress Thursday 13th July 2017

Dear all,

A day broadly similar to last Thursday in many respects. The train service ran to the Blue Timetable, our midweek diesel railcar service.

Down the yard, the Maintenance Shed was shunted to allow the courier van which is having a quick coat of paint to tidy it up to be moved across to the other side. This also tied in nicely with the CK needing to be transposed too.

The Miniature Railway had some tidying and clearance work done ahead of this weekend's running at the Classic Transport Weekend. That little steam engine is quite cool! You can get miniature and full sized steam at this weekends event, with both the Duffield and Ravenstor line having steam locomotives running. There'll be a good selection of classic road vehicles on display in the car park too.