Monday, 10 July 2017

Progress Sunday 9th July 2017

Dear all,

Yet another warm sunny day with the 'Jinty' running passenger services to Duffield. Today we hosted the Pomegranate Theatre who had specially produced a performance about our railway. It started off with scenes announcing the withdrawal of passenger services in 1947, showing the effect this had on local residents, before actually boarding the train to continue during the journey. The actors stayed in character on the way to Duffield improvising along the carriages before performing a finale on arrival at Duffield. The finale was great as the characters transformed in to being the original 8 that started to reopen the railway in 2000. A song about the railway was also specially written for the project which we hope to get a copy of soon. Over 100 passengers were on board the 12:10 from Duffield to enjoy it.

Down the yard, work continued on the body work of the RF kitchen car which is progressing at a steady pace. Sometimes it is just that little bit too warm to be overly enthusiastic!