Friday, 30 June 2017

Progress Friday 30th June 2017

Dear all,

The month concluded with a Bronze Drive a Diesel Day using firstly the Bubble and then the Class 31. The participants enjoyed themselves which is what it is all about.

Meanwhile at base, the Station Team set about the Ladies building which is suffering from somewhat flaking paint on the facias. Some areas are rotten and do need attention but alot of it is just old paint. They started on the worst edge and scraped off all the flaking paint, flatted it back and then primed it fresh. Looking better already!

Jack came and found the yard devoid of other humans but did find 8 sheep munching their way through the grass bank. Fortunately he had some hidden shepherding skills and managed to return them to the field near The Hannages from whence they came. Seems sheep can use foot crossings too!

The fishplates on the new Miniature Railway were tightened ahead of the opening tomorrow.

Derek was heat stripping paint from the Guards Compartment in the BSK.