Friday, 23 June 2017

Progress Friday 23rd June 2017

Dear all

A quiet day for the large part. The Jinty was coaled and warmed up for tomorrow as happens every Friday at the moment.

The Miniature Railway guys were putting the finishing touches to their project ahead of the proposed opening weekend after this. This is quite an exciting project and they have done really well to get where they are now. Currently, it goes from the end of Platform 1 at Wirksworth to just beyond the bridge but as time and money allows there is scope to go to the ground frame and beyond (Gorsey Bank??).

The Commercial Department were in full swing showing a couple round who are looking to have their big day reception on the railway in December. Later this afternoon the guests started arriving for a private retirement charter this evening on 55006. Graham, who has brought us plenty of MyTestTrack business over the last 10 years as a rail accident investigator, is retiring and we wish him well. He may even become a volunteer, who knows?