Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Progress Tuesday 21st March 2017

Dear all,

Don't let the sunny weather fool you, it isn't warm!

A little touch of post-gala depression today as things back to their usual self. The trains were steady all day but were boosted too by a coach party on the last train.

Down in the shed, Lee continued with the work to refurbish the bodywork on the Mark 1 CK and the steam team were hard at work adjusting the right hand crosshead slide bars on Cathryn. The left hand connecting rod has also been removed to get rid of the rust that has built up since it was last done. Over in the Steam Dept (Running Division), No.3 was having repairs to the steam braking system and modifications made to the ashpan mechanism.

The yard was shunted to reposition vehicles after the excitements of the weekend and Eric the Teddy Bear was placed on the loading point for departure tomorrow. What a fantastic locomotive!