Thursday, 2 March 2017

Progress Thursday 2nd March 2017

Dear all,

After the early morning rain it actually turned out to be quite a nice day.

The PW team tripped down to Shottle first thing this morning and a recently revitalised LJ Breeze. This is to continue sleeper changing.

We continued to host a MyTestTrack customer with their road/rail cement mixing machine and they conducted some loaded EMC tests today. This is something to do with electro-magnetic currents or something which could disrupt track circuits. Attached is a photo of the measurement gizmo.

The examination process continued with the SO and EVRA SK passing vacuum brake tests today. The brake van is under examination for the forthcoming steam experience season and use at the Diesel Weekend. The axle box pads are being replaced and the vacuum gauge has been replaced because it was sticking.