Sunday, 12 March 2017

Progress Sunday 12th March 2017

Dear all,

Yesterday actually turned out to be the busiest non-event day in March we've ever had so we were full of high hopes for today. The sun did break through and it turned in to quite a pleasant day but the passenger numbers were not as good as yesterday, possibly being put off by a poor forecast. That said it was a good day in the gift shops today. It has also been a good weekend generally for the buffet.

Down the yard, work continued in stripping out the RBK kitchen car coach which has now reverted to an RF. This is a major refurbishment which is likely to take quite a long time. 

After a bit of head scratching with yesterday's disappointing testing of Iris' vacuum cylinder it was decided to try a space piston. This replacement seems to have worked so the theory is now that somehow the piston had become bent of misshapen somehow.