Sunday, 19 March 2017

Progress Saturday 18th March 2017 Diesel Gala

Hi all

The Diesel Gala Weekend has now become our biggest event in the calendar and some drier weather would have been the icing on the cake
This is the first time we have used three locos, our resident class33 33103 Swordfish, class31 31206 which is with us for two seasons and class14 ' Teddy Bear ' D9537 on a weekend visit only. The enthusiasts and public braved the rain and many trains were fully loaded. All retail and catering outlets recorded good takings. It was also a first to have catering on both trains. Richard was giving yard tours before the first train had run !
Running a two train service crossing at Shottle requires extra volunteers in all departments and I wish to thank you all for the professional approach you have taken to make it successful. An extra thanks to the gatekeeper at Gorsey Bank and Signalmen at Shottle who braved the elements
Lets hope Sunday has better weather