Sunday, 5 March 2017

Progress Report - Sunday 5th March 2017


All this talk of meteorological spring sounded a bit hollowed as the heavens opened just in time to prep the DMU this morning. The steam team were also in attendance early this morning to prepare for a steam experience on the incline, not sure they had realised the experience included an Indian Monsoon! None the less several runs were made to the obvious enjoyment of the party involved.

The passenger service provided the blue timetable with modest loadings for each service. The volume of water being passed by our drainage systems this morning was huge and a testament to the work of our p-way teams ensuring our routes remain unaffected by extremes of weather. 

At our southern terminus Peter had to clear some accumulated water from around the booking hall at start of business but otherwise our guests took full advantage of the warm and pleasant surroundings inside generally with a brew and a biscuit.

Towards the latter half of the day the rain eased a little and work continued preparing the coaching stock for our rapidly approaching Gala. 

The buck eyes, buffers and axle boxes were lubricated on the SK and SO and additional safety checks were being carried out on the doors of the SK. 

A really big thank you to everyone who ensured our various activities progressed in such difficult conditions. 

I leave you with a picture of our steam service producing more steam than usual in the heavy rain and a view of our expanding engineerium that looks ready to take orders to service a small Airship in the near future.