Thursday, 9 February 2017

Progress Thursday 9th February 2017

Dear all,

Bitter today with a few snow flurries. Lets hope the snow forecast at the weekend makes the valley picturesque to start the season rather than keeps everyone away!

You can tell the season is waking up, with trains being returned from their winter maintenance with body sides being washed and floors being mopped and vacuumed.

The round of coach B examinations began with tyre sizes being measured and checked for the records and vacuum testing being done on the braking systems. This, of course, is another kind of vacuum rather than the one which cleans the carpet!

Down the line, the PW tripped a van to Duffield before changing some sleepers.

The phones were also starting to wake up with a couple of coach parties booked in today, including one which takes up all of the available space on one day of the summer on train Afternoon Teas. We'll be looking to throw open the general bookings for these shortly.

All good stuff.