Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Progress Tuesday 24th January 2017

Dear all,

Another cold day but every day that goes by where there's no significant snowfall is a bonus!

The Maintenance Team were engaged with finishing off work on Iris which has had to have quite a few issues attended to. An attempt has been made a setting the throttles which is always difficult because you really need to be moving to get a feel of how they are. A leaking oil pipe on one of the gearboxes has also been changed and the inside had a good mop out after being down the yard for several weeks.

The Steam team were out in force once more with Henry Ellison's new ash pan being adjusted so that it fits perfectly. They were also tweaking the valve timing to make it all move smoothly. Modifications were required to the main reverser pin and it's bearings. Meanwhile, Paul is designing and making a new lubrication system (presumably for Cathryn).

The PW were out in force down the line also, attending to the track geometry just south of Gorsey Bank Crossing. All of these adjustments are necessary as we fly towards the start of the new operating system in just over 2 weeks time!