Saturday, 7 January 2017

Progress Saturday 7th January 2017

Dear all,

A damp and miserable day but it still saw no fewer than 10 volunteers beaver away at The Duke's restoration. I'm not exactly sure what they were doing so maybe Tim will enlighten you all.

Work continued to try and resurrect the donkey engine on Faraday but it's beginning to get a bit frustrating now. A start was also made on fitting the second alternator to Derby Lightweight single car 'Iris'. This car has always been fitted with engine-driven dynamos instead of alternators like on all of the other DMUs but after the first dynamo failed last year it had that one replaced with an alternator. The costs of repair of the original dynamo is rather high and spares are pretty non-existant. The conversion isn't just a swap job though as some wiring has to be altered and the regulators changed over. Fortunately the fixing brackets are the same. The examination on 51188 was also finally completed.