Tuesday, 6 December 2016

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Hi all

The highlight of the day was the fitting out of our new marquee on platform 1 into Santa's welcoming area were the public will receive their drink and mince pie. I would like to call it a winter wonderland but I will leave it to you to decide its name !!
The Steam Team once again battled the bitterly cold weather working on cold steel. The main brake shaft was tested and was found to be seized so being a longer job was left for another day. The fitted bolt holes to the steam brake cyclinder were being reamed out by Stuart and more work was done on the Polish oil lubricator. The spectacle glasses were sent out for glass fitting. The Xmas lunch stopped further play !!
The PWay team continued the clearance of reduntant material in Wirksworth yard and adding mor parts to Shottle platform
Chris and John are constructing a metal cabinet to enable Western Power to bring Electricity to Duffield Station
The DMU team continued with an exam on railcar 51188

All for now