Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Progress Tuesday 29th november 2016

Hi all

Today saw the last of our service trains for 2016 before the Santa Trains begin on Saturday December 17th. The train was composed of our hybrid 119/101 set due to the non availability of a single unit. Although the temperature has plummeted the sun brought some passengers out for a day on our Railway supported by the Pullman buffet and EVRA shop.
Down the yard the PWay team marshalled the works train for Shottle tomorrow and sorted out the rotten sleepers for conveyance down the line for disposal
The Steam Team lagged the valves on the water tank wagon and greased all the moving parts on the Barclaysas part of the winterisation programme. In the Maintenace Facility the other half of the team worked on the derelict Polish mechanical lubricator and the main brake shaft. Stuart machined some of the crosshead slippers

All for now